Accelerating XPS Measurements through Spectral Super-Resolution (SSR) Analysis

By widening the data acquisition interval of XPS and applying Spectral Super-Resolution (SSR) to data measured in a short time to achieve the desired resolution, it is possible to significantly shorten the time for XPS measurements without compromising the quality of measurement data.

SSR analysis software enables application to XPS data acquired from devices of various manufacturers.

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Significantly Shorten Measurement Time

Significantly Shorten Measurement Time

By widening the measurement interval (energy step) compared to regular measurements and further reducing the acquisition time per point, measurement time is reduced by about 90%.

Ensuring the Quality of Measurement Data

Ensuring the Quality of Measurement Data

SSR analysis reconstructs high-resolution spectra from low-resolution spectra. This not only improves resolution but also reduces noise, ensuring the quality of measurement data.

Compatible with Various XPS Devices

Compatible with Various XPS Devices

Data acquired from various XPS devices can be input into the analysis software for SSR analysis.

Application of SSR in XPS

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Customer Testimonials

Material Manufacturer A Company

By using SSR analysis, we have been able to reduce XPS measurement and analysis time by more than half, thus eliminating bottlenecks in research and development.

Material Manufacturer B Company

It has become possible to perform damage-free XPS measurements without using ion neutralization, thereby expanding the range of applications for XPS.


Practical example of SSR

  • Acceleration
    of XPS measurement

    Accelerationof XPS measurement

    Shorten the measurement time by measuring at low resolution and increasing the resolution with SSR

  • Accurate analysis
    of EELS data

    Accurate analysis of EELS data

    Accurately reconstruct EELS spectra with correcting energy shift

  • Accurate measurement
    by portable apparatus


    Achieve accurate measurement by portable and easy apparatus

Application of spectral super-resolution

Application of spectral super-resolution